Tackling town centre challenges, winning business PR

RSSIain Nicholson is a town centres specialist who has worked on a number of projects and initiatives in towns and city suburbs.

“Iain has consistently demonstrated his enthusiasm for and understanding of town centres and what is needed to keep them alive or to revive them. If you have a town centre in need of some support then this is the man to ask.” Town Business Leader

“Some towns are in decline, definitely. People like @prbi_Iain are doing a wonderful job at trying to save them!!” From Twitter

He is currently working in three towns:

TheGBHighSt…since March 2013, with #townteam colleague Mim Norvell (supported by Neil Wild), on the GBHighSt Award-winning Wantage town centre vitality project, which sees him focus on the challenge of bringing empty shops back to use;


…on the 2016 GBHighSt Awards finalist town centre vitality project in Banbury (with Neil, started April 14, renewed for 15-16, 16-17 & 17-18);



…and on an Independent Shops Project with local partners in Abingdon (launched August 2017 and extended in February 2018).


For two years, Iain and Neil ran an acclaimed pop up shop project in Wallingford (started March 15, renewed for 16-17), and for a year (started January 2017) led a #townteam project for local partners in Swindon town centre (currently on hold).

Iain draws on his background as a leading PR & Communications for business specialist in Oxfordshire and his expertise in public relations, business communications strategy, using social media, and skills training. He has strong connections to key press, radio, business journal and online outlets, and a strong track record for winning media coverage for clients in the private and public sectors (see the Oxfordshire Business News Centre page).

“Thank you Iain Nicholson – all this great press down to you!”

Iain is a former BBC radio journalist and co-founded countywide business network OTCN. He is a co-director of town centre specialists company, Flashop UK Ltd.