A Cathedral City…

What makes you visit a place…

…and importantly, return time and time again, and encourage others to do so.

Thinking this while out & about #highstreet #placemaking with #TheVacantShopsAcademy in the lovely Cathedral City of Ripon.

So factors…? Maybe.

🛍️ Attractive #indie #retail and #hospitality streets;

  • History & heritage buildings;
  • A neatly re-purposed bank (I get this one is a bit geeky, but wanted chance to highlight what looks to be a brand example of the art here);

📚 Particular businesses or organisations you look out for (a #bookshop is always a draw for me, but you’ll have your own).

It’s a crucial part of our tackling vacancy work, to understand what’s attractive in your offer for the impactful ‘promote’ phase, but also what would be a good add to those you have already when you try recruit new occupiers for empty units.

🤔 It’d be great to hear what you think…?

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