Entrepreneurs challenged to grow town’s business community

EnterpriseHQ-mockup2.jpgHWBIDCo has thrown down the gauntlet to ambitious entrepreneurs looking to market test their business on the high street. The new Enterprise HQ space, created in Church Street, High Wycombe has been set up as a high profile commercial space to encourage new or start-up businesses to consider the benefits of trading in the town centre.

The space, over two floors, is available to hire on a straightforward license to occupy and could be the incentive many entrepreneurs need to take that next step. Occupancy will be in short-term lets from a couple of days through to a maximum of six weeks, where the business offer is a strong enough proposition.

HWBIDCo Director with responsibility for Enterprise and Commercial Space, Matt Clarke, said: “Town centres need to take control over their own futures. The BID company, HWBIDCo, is looking to actively support the process of generating new tenants for some of our empty spaces. We are not just looking for retail businesses but all manner of creative enterprises to make our town centre as vibrant and future-proof as possible.”

Demand for the space is already increasing and so interested businesses are encouraged to look at the HWBIDCo website as soon as possible. Individuals do not have to worry about going it alone either. There are opportunities for businesses to share the space which would reduce the rental charge, making the opportunity more viable for those with a tight budget. Creative collectives are also encouraged to get in contact.


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