Everybody counts or nobody counts

  • …this is phrase from the Harry Bosch detective novel series by author Michael Connelly, and one which is being used to drive a challenge for Oxfordshire business. OTCN has set itself The OxHop Challenge – 10 ways that businesses can support what is our county’€™s only direct access homeless hostel for people aged 25 and over.
    We €™re urging businesses in our 32 member groups and 23 events networks to take on the Challenge. There are different ways businesses can support OxHoP…by offering staff time/skills, or helping with funding, or donating items from the list of needs:
    Making OxHoP the business ‘€˜charity of the year’€™
    Volunteering staff for painting, decorating and gardening work at OxHop’€™s main hostel, O’€™Hanlon House, and at its Julian Housing network of houses
    Donating a designer to help OxHoP produce annual reports, newsletters and leaflets
    Sponsoring printing and photocopying
    Donating web specialist time to work on a refresh of the OxHoP website and then maintain it
    Making donations to support OxHoP Activities e.g. arts materials, musical instruments, books and sports equipment
    Donating to OxHop Stores in one of three categories of supplies: Bed Linen and Towels, Food & Household Goods, Clothing
    Making Space to store large deliveries e.g. furniture until it goes into O’€™Hanlon House or one of the Julian Housing properties.
    The Challenge is that for each of the 10 we have at least one business volunteering to help. Of course the more we get committed to delivering on each of the 10 the better! Can your business or your staff help?
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