High Street Rental Auctions

What’s your view on this incoming “…new power for local authorities to require landlords to rent out persistently vacant commercial properties to new tenants, such as local businesses or community groups.”

Have you taken part in the .gov technical consultation…?

It’s been a kinda theme for me of late as The Institute of Place Management has set out a rationale for the new power to be introduced as part of a wider, partnership-focused approach to tackling vacancy, along with questions from members around the way it might work: “Institute welcomes ‘culture shift’ of new high street vacancy measure”. There’s more on that via comments.

And The Association of Town & City Management kindly invited me to host a workshop on the topic – “Needs Must or a Step Too Far?” – as part of their #SummerSchool2023. It was fascinating to hear different perspectives there.

And I’m keen to learn more from #placemaking colleagues in councils and BIDs who are working on tackling #highstreet empty shops issues, and those in the #property sector where I know there are reservations (is that the word…???).

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