Is your headline vacancy rate giving you the right answer…?

Encouraging return visit to Chepstow to check in on the units that looked to be vacant in our ‘audit’ walk-see there earlier in the year, and build on the insights from #property agents in the ‘engage’ phase.

A number of them already have new #retail or #hospitality occupiers in business – a mix of indie and national brands – and there look to be a handful more with planning, licensing or fit out work underway.

As a result of today we’ll list one or two others for further checks before producing the ‘target list’ of those that remain empty & available, and describing any barriers to re-letting that the place may be able to help overcome.

The overall sense tho, now starting to be backed up by the data, is that here’s another #highstreet location where the original headline vacancy data changes – sometimes significantly – when you check for current status and backstory…

…and a further case study to illustrate why we believe in only setting #placemaking policy and project plans, nationally and for your own place, when you’ve been through this process. If not, you run the risk of going on the basis of an inaccurate picture.

Do you know how many of the visibly vacant units in your place are empty AND available…?

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