It’s Evolving. Isn’t it…?

🤔 What do you think…?

Rarely a week goes by it seems without some ‘analyst’ or other trying to secure themselves media coverage with a cheap ‘death of the…’ shot at the #highstreet.

This week was no exception…and the ‘study’ was, as ever, littered with nonsense.

📸 I’m lucky enough to have #Oxford city centre nearby and a trip in is always rewarded with insights. Even just as an observer now, not running ‘audit, engage’ as we did here in city centre manager days.

By chance, it had actually been one of the places to feature in this week’s gloomster output mentioned above, but out & about, in just one small section, you can see the reality and themes we’re exploring for #TheVacantShopsAcademy locations…

  • #hospitality moving into a building it now shares with #health services;
    🧀 three #indie businesses in a landlord-split space that was once occupied by a national #retail brand;
  • upper floors converted, in this case, to hotel use;
    🧑🏻‍💻 re-purposed workspace being readied;
  • and more new openings ahead.

It’s challenging here as in all our town and city centres. We’ve all work to do. The balance of what’s possible varies but…



🗣️ Do you think…?

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