Thought it might be of interest to share a digest of some of the emails we’ve had from #highstreet #property agents in the last week.

“Hi Iain we sold the property to an owner occupier a few months ago and they opened their new shop last week.”

“17 is now let, a new Tenant has moved in.”
“5/7 is also let.”

“This unit is presently vacant and available to let but we have had a number of viewings recently and so hopefully it will not be for too much longer.”

As ever this is not to deny it’s challenging out there. It is. Especially in some locations.

But we’re in another period where national brands in difficulty are dominating the headlines and potentially creating the impression among readers, listeners and viewers that the vacancy news in our town and city centres is only going one way.

A long-time issue for us is that new openings – even by chain concerns – tend to be on a one-by-one basis. Lettings to #indie #retail, #hospitality or services businesses are the same, so neither make media impact. Requirement lists of target towns for national brands barely ever make the mainstream news.

It’s why we believe it’s sooooo important that places – council(s) and BIDs where there is one, civic societies, chambers of commerce and others – take charge of their vacancy numbers and promote new arrivals.

It may be that you don’t have any of the businesses making the headlines in your place. Even if you do and they close that may be outnumbered by new openings, including the unit they were in being snapped up quickly by another brand.

‘audit, engage, encourage, promote’. The picture you get may be very different…!

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