So what’s happening on those upper floors…?

Office, resi, #retail (rarely now), #hospitality or leisure, storage or nothing at all…?

Are we under-using or totally wasting space that could bring in valuable extra uses and potentially additional customers for town or city centre businesses…?

Are the uppers a barrier that’s holding up lettings opportunities for the ground floor…?

Are they all peeling paint and emerging greenery that’s letting the street down…?

Could the upper floors be split off to reduce unnecessary costs for the ground floor occupier…? Is there a way to deal with access, waste etc…?

These are questions we now regularly ask as part of our tackling #highstreet empty shops issues commission ‘next steps’ reports, as a suggestion to carry out an upper floors ‘audit’ and then draw on the results to tackle the challenge strategically.

Interested to hear from #property and #placemaking colleagues about work they’re doing on this issue, and any barriers they’ve encountered and overcome…!

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