Under Offer…?

There was a valuable insight this week in a longer agent’s post about new #highstreet lettings which again illustrates that the picture can change significantly if you drill down beyond the headline vacancy numbers and how things appear if you simply rely on a place walk-see.

As it was about a city I visit often and had been to that day, it was an extra reminder of what is a regular feature of our #TheVacantShopsAcademy ‘audit, engage’ work.

The post highlighted some new openings and expansion moves and added: “…with 8 more properties under offer across the city centre.” Eight.

To be fair, things can still fall through at this stage but it’s a sign that there is demand which may – especially when you establish if that’s #retail or #hospitality, brand or #indie – change the vacancy story, sometimes significantly…!

And it’s why we’re so keen to see more places take up this approach, understand the actual status, backstory and barriers to let for what appear as empty units, and then work with agents, landlords, businesses and your community to tackle the issues.

Councils and BIDs, where there is one, can for sure make a difference this way…!

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