A #highstreet #Evolvingā€¦

🏗️ Thereā€™s always something changing to see on a #placemaking out & about in #Oxford.

Not to ā€˜audit, engageā€™ as I did in city centre management days there, but just to walk-see out of interest.

🛌 What was #retail repurposed to hotel;

  • Retail & services (uppers) converted to office;
  • Retail switch to #hospitality;

📚 And among all the change, for the book lovers in the pictured case, one of many examples here of enduring retail.

If you had walked and logged your town or city centre two years ago and checked in again this week, what differences have you seenā€¦?

🤔 For the better orā€¦?

Itā€™d be great to hearā€¦

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