Go Aberdeen…!

An exciting and inspiring update this week from the tackling #highstreet vacancy-focused initiative on Union Street, Aberdeen.

💡 It’s a brilliant illustration of what can be achieved when a place – #property agents, landlords, businesses, community, council, BID, chamber – work together on this…

📉 …and hopefully will convince more places that empty units in your town and city centre are not a given, that you can reduce those numbers and significantly so – halved inside 18 months in this case – even if the headline vacancy rate is 25% at the outset…!

If you’ve not seen yet, here’s the main points of the latest, but do check it out in full.

“Today we have launched a nationwide marketing campaign designed to inspire and attract exciting businesses from all over the UK to our famous Granite Mile.

💻 The brand new website has all you need to know about the campaign, including:

  • A one-stop shop for all of Union Street’s vacant units, including clever AI renderings to showcase how these units could look for new tenants;
  • Details of all of the benefits accessible by taking on a vacant unit.”

“Since launching Our Union Street in March 2023, we have helped to dramatically reduce the vacant units on the street from 52 to under 30. This new campaign is designed to bring that number down further as we work together to rejuvinate our much-loved city centre.”

Go Aberdeen…! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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