Out & about in Banbury…

Never go back.

It’s a saying I think. And something everyone will have their own view of.

🤔 In #highstreet #placemaking and especially tackling vacancy, it’s always a good thing. To go back and see what’s changed and changing (and what’s not).

So to Banbury, a place I was part of a part-time #townteam (2014-18), and tho only to walk-see and not ‘audit, engage’ now, there’s lots to learn and consider.

💡 Questions like how many of our typical #TheVacantShopsAcademy ‘next steps’ suggestions for places that we are commissioned in might be on the table here…?

  • building an inclusive, diverse, proactive, tackling vacancy-focused ‘place partnership’;
  • upper floors ‘audit’;

🛍️ multi-unit #popupshop project;

  • potential for arts & crafts, creative, culture, community, leisure, education, health & wellbeing as go-to new occupier targets;

🥬 indoor #market.

And more…?

If your place has too many empties, especially if that’s mid / high teens or even more than 20% of the total or the sqft tally, it’s a list (along with the other 15 or so elements on it) that’s well worth considering…!

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