A National Highstreet Service…?

Could health & wellbeing be a new anchor for the #highstreet…?

It’s one of our list of ‘alternative uses’ to add to #retail, #hospitality and services that we encourage #TheVacantShopsAcademy locations to target as part of their tackling vacancy ‘next steps’.

🎨 The full list also features arts & crafts, creative, culture, community, leisure, education. But maybe health & wellbeing has the most potential.

🩺 Health services can take on some of our bigger units, they work in shopping centre, including the often tricky upper floors, as well as on our streets, and importantly they look like a good covenant to landlords and already have professional #property teams so may not need the ‘place’ support and funding that some of the other uses do.

A recent post by the 2025 Group in Grimsby talked about “an additional 120,000 visitors to the town centre annually” with the opening of their Community Diagnostic Hub.

🗝️ This is just one of an increasing portfolio of examples we’re seeing with great work being done by architect colleagues and #health services management to make this happen.

It’d be great to hear case studies from places making progress on this…

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