Are there lights on…?

💡 If you wander your #highstreet in the early evening dusk and stay on later, are there signs on your upper floors of office teams at work or of town or city centre living…?

If not, is there un- and under-used space you could be making more of…?

🔐 If the answer’s yes, could it be resi, or workspace or #hospitality or an alternative use…? Creative, #community, leisure, education, health & wellbeing maybe…?

I ask after an insightful trip to the awesome city of Aberdeen to start the ‘audit, engage’ stage of our Union Street upper floors study with Aberdeen Inspired BID colleagues, thanks to funding support by Aberdeen City Council.

🤔 We learned a huge amount logging the upper floors, checking for lettings boards and especially by taking in some initial conversations with local architect colleagues.

🏢 It’s going to be fascinating to map what’s available there, explore potential use options, understand any barriers and start to map a strategic way forward.

Watch this (un- or under-used) space…!

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