Every Single One.

Our approach to tackling #highstreet vacancy is to focus on each visibly empty unit in turn…

  • Is it genuinely empty & available;

💷 Is the previous occupier in administration or still paying rent;

  • Is a commercial #property agent marketing it;

🪜 Is it a demolition or refurb project;

  • Is it under offer;
  • Are upper floors an issue;
  • Is it a #popupshop or ‘meanwhile… use’ candidate;

🎨 Could arts & crafts, creative, culture, community, leisure, education, health & wellbeing be part of the solution alongside #retail, #hospitality & services;

  • Or is the best we can do to hoard or vinyls it for now;

🗝️ Then, crucially, what are the barriers to it being let, how can they be overcome and what part can the ‘place’ – council(s), BID where there is one, businesses, community – play, alongside agents and landlords.

All our experience is that where this partnership is on the case, vacancy numbers reduce and the mix of uses improves more quickly and sustainably.

🤔 So what are the barriers for your empty units…? Do you have that partnership in place…? And what can it do to help…?

It’d be great to hear…

📸 Choice of images from an intriguing visit this week to the brilliant city of Sunderland where there’s always changes, investment and positive projects to check in on, and an amazing range of buildings to host the next new business or organisation occupier. Is that you…?

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