Every pictureā€¦

Hereā€™s a first, I think 🤔

🤳🏽 Out & about in a #highstreet location and got back with just one picture of a vacant unit in my phone library.

ā€¦and itā€™s not that there werenā€™t any others.

🎨 It was just that in Bedminster, Bristol our #placemaking attention was totally taken with the number and variety and quality of #streetart and #shutterart examples.

ā€¦which sparked 4 thoughts:

  • Did they help to create the important impression that the place cares, which makes such a differenceā€¦?
  • In a very practical sense the #art on lowered shutters meant you could not tell whether the unit was vacant or just not yet open. Compare that to seeing a run of blank shuttersā€¦?

🖌️ There was a lot of tagging. Typically in a town or city centre thatā€™s seen as graffiti, anti-social behaviour. Here it blended in – at least to the visitor – and could just have been a signature on the artwork.

  • And on ā€˜promoteā€™ – there looks to be enough to catalogue and create a trail by map & app to bring people here just to enjoy the creativity. An added and valuable draw to benefit itā€™s businesses.

For council and BID colleagues thinking to add to the wall art in their places and initiate a project where they have a run of blank shutters, thereā€™s learning for sure.

📸 Hereā€™s just a few of scores of examples. Thanks Jason Thorne for an insightful tour.


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