Bright Sparks…

Do you still have a large former-department store sitting empty in your #highstreet place…?

🤔 Are the discussions rolling on about re-purposing, future uses, splitting up, conversion…?

Meanwhile you’ve a big, deteriorating, wasted space creating negativity, when instead…? Meanwhile…!

✨ I was lucky enough to make a long overdue visit to the brilliant Sparks Bristol and see an illustration of what we could be doing with these vacant spaces while the thinking goes on.

Ground floor #retail, information sharing, resident engagement & more with a climate, equality, wellbeing focus. Upper floor #workspace, performance space, workshops, classes…?

💡 An inspiring example of collaboration and innovation, and one I know that council, #BID, #community and #property #placemaking friends are watching closely.

It’s very well worth a look.

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