“Living Well Locally.”

“People, place, planet.”

🤔 Which words and phrases do you most relate to our work in towns and city centres…?

💭 If we’d done a ‘word cloud’ of the early sessions of the 2023 Scotland’s Towns Partnership conference in Dundee, those would be some of the ones to feature.

It was an interesting, insightful, enjoyable event, and great to be in a room with #placemakers where these themes are rated sooooo important, along with topics like net zero, town centre living, innovation, enterprise and connectivity.

💙 …and it’s all part of the holistic approach to place that’s at the heart of Scotland’s approach.

A brilliant day to top off my trip which started by catching up with the Our Union Street and Aberdeen Inspired #BID teams, and a walk-see of the city’s main street to check how things are changing since we ran ‘audit, engage’ there last autumn.

👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Thanks everyone.

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