Our Union Street

“Together, as a community, we can…”

“…we want to brighten the street, fill the units, use the space, tell the stories which lie behind our famous granite walls, and fully engage the people of Aberdeen in this urban revival. And we are already taking steps to meet these objectives.”

👏🏻 Great to read the latest update from the team at Our Union Street in Aberdeen.

It’s a really interesting and current case study of working together in a place, and one I’m sure others are following for potential lessons they can draw.

Aberdeen is an awesome city and I was very pleased to have been able to play a small part in the early stages of this journey to restore Union Street to being its strong and sustainable heart.

I learned a huge amount and continue to do so.

💡 Engagement with and in Our Union Street has been extraordinary, as the update reflects: “Since we launched in March, the public response has been overwhelming, with over 10,000 ideas submitted to our team. Those 10,000 ideas became 17 themes – and, today, those themes have become five action areas that we will spend the next few years delivering against.”

Here’s wishing all those involved the very best going forward…!

🤔 It’d be interesting to hear from #highstreet #placemaking colleagues with similar initiatives underway where tackling vacancy is a significant issue…?

📸 And from one memorable visit with Aberdeen Inspired a year ago now…

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