Vacancy. From 23 to 3 in 18 months…

This brings back memories.

🪜Just 10 years ago when our sign went up over the #popupshop which was to play a significant part in the revival of a street and with it the whole town centre.

📉 Flashop Wantage, the community space which soon opened opposite and a second pop up across town together helped create the momentum that saw the number of vacant units there drop from 23 to 3 in 18 months.

Our subsequent tackling #highstreet empty shops issues projects in neighbouring towns all had at least one pop up as part of their story too.

💡…and this week we’ve been talking to #TheVacantShopsAcademy locations about how the model would work now:

  • To occupy currently empty units;
  • Give target businesses a chance to make a start, test their idea for real and build the track record and confidence they need to go on and secure a unit of their own longer term;
  • And importantly to create the momentum that takes others from empty to let in the weeks and months ahead.

🔑 Back in 2013 there were a limited number of case studies to draw on, now there are many, like there are questions:

  • How many units should you have…?
  • Who takes the lease…?
  • What should rent levels be set at…?
  • Should it go to one business or several…?
  • Is it best run under a single brand or those of its occupiers…?
  • Which types of business do you target (or rule out)…?

And more.

Ten years on we’re still convinced it can be a key element of an ‘audit, engage, encourage, promote’ approach.

🤔 What – #property and #placemaking colleagues – do you think…?

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