Power to rent… (postponed…?)

So it’s looking like the new powers to allow local authorities to ‘force’ an auction to rent long-time empty #highstreet units won’t be available ‘this summer’ as planned.

Was your place hoping to make use of High Street Rental Auctions…?

🤔 If you were, what now…?

Wait. Or press on with tackling vacancy work anyways…?

✍🏻 To recap: “Where a high street shop has been empty for over a year, High Street Rental Auctions would allow local leaders to step in and auction off a rental lease for up to 5 years. Auctions would take place with no reserve price, giving local businesses and community groups the opportunity to occupy space on the high street at a competitive market rate.”

⚖️ The timelines had been for legislation to make this practically possible to be in Parliament by now “with the first auctions expected to take place in September this year and the first new unit occupied and open to the public in October.”

With the election called that didn’t happen.

🎤 We know from previous posts that #property and #placemaking colleagues have very differing takes on this.

From our perspective at #TheVacantShopsAcademy we’d:
(a) always thought the policy would only be used for a handful of units – maybe 1 or 2 in 20 – anyway, and…

(b) that experience suggests, even without it, there are a range of ways a proactive tackling vacancy-focused ‘place partnership’ can get empties, even the tricky ones, back into play.

🗝️ So what is your plan now…?

Really happy to talk thru options with #BID and council teams, if that’d help…

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