Regenerating our city…

Learned a huge amount from an enjoyable and insightful #placemaking out & about in Gloucester.

A city with sooooo much happening in its different segments. Among them:

The pioneering University of Gloucestershire repurposing of the sizeable former Debenhams store, being closely watched by many places with similar buildings, and an important part of our wider tackling vacancy story of the role education and heath & wellbeing uses can play;

  • Ongoing work to make its central square a vibrant and attractive hub, a place to visit, dwell and be entertained;

🏢 Careful and imaginative redevelopment to take the docks area forward (“the most inland port in the country”), making use of its attractive, heritage buildings and drawing in new businesses;

  • Its Heritage Action Zone initiative caring for some of the city’s historic core;

🚈 A major rail station improvement project to follow on from the Transport Hub / bus station project;

And more…

🛍️ Real interesting conversations now about the role the #highstreet, #retail, #hospitality, and its shopping centres play in this story.

It’s a must-visit city if you’re this way…!

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